Everyone will know how crazy I am

Looks like I’m starting a blog.  My fears with doing this are as follows:
1) Every one will know how crazy I am.  When I say crazy I mean that people will know that I have some views that are pretty…how shall I say…tree hugger-esque. I’m pretty strange and you might not like me anymore.
2) I will embarrass my family.  I’m mostly worried about embarrassing Luke, and maybe my parents. How could I be completely honest with this whole blog thing and NOT embarrass someone?
3) I will have a million grammatical errors.  This is a very real fear that should not be laughed at.  I correct people all the time for saying things wrong, or writing things wrong.  When I read anything there is just this little part of me that is looking for an error.  Making one such error myself will be devastating.  It’s not a matter of if  it happens, but when it happens.
4) I fear I will lose a friend or two.  The truth is I disagree with a lot of things my friends say on various social media sites.  I just don’t comment.  But on a blog, my blog, commenting is the whole idea.  I guess if you find my beliefs just too offensive, perhaps we can go back to our previous relationship of looking at pictures of  each others kids on facebook.
5) Last, but not least, I fear that I will run out of things to say.  The trouble with this is that I always have something to say about something.  What if I come to the very end of my thoughts and I have no new ideas?  That will be a sad day indeed.  But, for now…I will blog on.


  • T-Bone

    July 30, 2012 at 4:08 am Reply

    I love it. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  • Patsy Baker

    August 4, 2012 at 2:37 am Reply

    It’s your blog, own it. I have haters, I just love them anyway.

    • Carrie Catlin

      August 4, 2012 at 6:52 pm Reply

      Thanks Patsy. You are always so sweet to me!

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