stop me if you’ve heard this one

So the mom comes in from church on Saturday night and throws together a relatively healthy meal for her family.  This happens only after the children moan and complain about the food choices each proclaiming their order.  The mother asks them if this looks like a restaurant.  The meal is prepared and put on paper plates, because the dishwasher is broken and after all it is Saturday night.  After every one begrudgingly eats their dinner they leave.  YUP!  That was the punch line.  They leave.  Did I mention the dishwasher is broken?  Yes a new one is on the way, it will be available on Tuesday.
So the mom starts washing the dishes that haven’t been done since the night before, probably because it didn’t occur to anyone else that all those dishes piled in the sink were dirty.  The dad, bless his heart, watches a youtube video at the table.  He is clearly oblivious to the fact that the mom is sweating buckets because of the steamy water billowing up around her face and that as soon as she is done with this task a basket full of unfolded laundry awaits along with a teenager who wants to be driven somewhere…who always wants to be driven somewhere.  She thinks what a sweet gesture it would be if he would dry the dishes that are piling over the dish drainer.  He doesn’t, but does give the four year old a bath, slightly redeeming himself. 
When the mom asks the daughters for help, one complains that she is too tired.  The next says it isn’t fair for her to have to help if the other is too tired. The last is no where to be found because she is getting ready for a sleep over.  MUST BE NICE.
Obviously this was my night.  So here is the issue.  I know I need to be kind and serve my family.  I know that serving my family is serving God because I am doing that which I was called to do.  I chose this place for myself.  I chose my role.  BUT on the other hand is it right for every one else in this family to get to do whatever they please whenever they please no matter that I am constantly doing a job, just got done with a job or about to do another job.  Sure one could say, the girls should have assigned chores.  We go through phases, usually during the school year they do.  But, no one has to tell ME to wash the dishes.  No one has to tell ME to pick up my laundry or put away MY things.  I just know.  Surely by the ripe old age of 9, 11, and 13 their eyes are developed enough to see that this house isn’t run by elves.
So…serve always with a loving heart and keep my mouth shut when my heart doesn’t feel so loving OR tell every one that they should open their little eyes and stop being so selfish? 
Maybe I’ll be too tired to make their next meal or too busy with what I want to do to drive them somewhere.
(In her own defense the eldest child finally noticed something was wrong and upon realizing her failure to help, apologized. But it was time to go so she still didn’t have to help)

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  • Rachel Hotalen

    August 5, 2012 at 2:38 am Reply

    This is the story of MY life! I totally understand the frustration. Don’t know the answer, hopefully a wise womn will comment.

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