PG 13 Church Service

If you happen to be a Newspringer ( then you already know what I’m talking about.  We’ve attended the same church for nearly 11 years.  No church is perfect and there have been times we wondered if we were in the right place.  But, now I know that we are. 
Last night’s message was not anything I think I’ve ever heard in church before.  Pastor Hoover has mentioned many of the same principles that he taught last night, but I don’t ever remember an entire message devoted to healthy sex in a committed marriage.  My 13 year old sat by my side through the whole message.  One mom took her young teenage son out of the room.  He was absolutely mortified.  We could totally tell what was going on by the looks on their faces.  It’s not like pastor was being explicit.  He was being frank.  The deal is, our kids get sex information in music, movies, books, TV, magazines, the internet, the mall… EVERYWHERE.  We aren’t going to shelter them from it.  It just isn’t going to happen.  So, I am thankful to be in a church where my daughters are going to learn, in the right setting & at the right time, what a beautiful and healthy part of a marriage sex can be.  She can also hear what a demoralizing, degrading and painful thing it can be out of the correct context.  With all the negative images and false messages that kids get everywhere else I’m glad my church will talk about what God has to say about the subject.  The funny thing is, Madelyn said it wasn’t even awkward.  Probably because I’ve been talking to her since she was a little girl.  Probably because she knows her parents are in love.  (Maybe that makes it awkward and she just didn’t say.)  She made an interesting observation for a child of her age.  She said as she looked around the auditorium she could see two types of couples.  Those with their arms crossed and those holding hands.  Guess which ones we were.   How’s that for a REAL blog post?

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