Just bragging a little

I love a good sale, but honestly I’m not really a great shopper.  I don’t comb the racks at Kohl’s and get things for $2.99 as often as I should.  But, I don’t ever pay full price and I always ask for an additional discount. 
I’m an Eddie Bauer “Gold” rewards member.  I know you are jealous but you too can achieve this status.  That isn’t a credit card, its a friends membership.  Basically it means we buy all our clothes at Eddie Bauer.  I shop at Old Navy some too.  ANYWAY, I got my member reward certificate in the mail today, it was worth $25.  I wanted something cute to wear out this weekend so I went over there really quick.  That is the main reason I shop at EB so much, it is about 2 miles away, if even that much.  They had some summer items at 75% off and the things already on clearance were an additional 50% off.  I was trying on a whole pile of things and the girl asked me if I wanted to try on some the the new fit jeans.  I told her no, that I was just shopping the sale and she said that if I tried them on she’d give me a $5 coupon I could use right away.  So I tried on jeans and they paid me $5!  (They are still running that special by the way.)  The jeans fit GREAT, I loved them.  But, at $70 a pair, I knew I had to wait.  Despite what I’m sure my husband believes I am not a big spender.  Ok, here is the good part.  When I got to the check out with my five items I asked the checker if they are still running the discount for teachers and students.  I told her I home school my four daughters and that I am a part time college student.  She proceeded to give me another 10% off.  So, all in all I paid $50 for five items at Eddie Bauer.  Based on their regular prices, that isn’t too bad!  This is what I got.

I have wanted this skirt all summer.  It was originally $60.  It is short and the bottom is frayed.  The top is lacy in the front.  It was originally $60.

I also waited all summer to buy this tank.  It’s original price was $40.  The jeans are carpenter style.  They were originally $60.

You can see the same jeans a little in this picture too.  This top was originally $50.  I  might get some skinny jeans and put a little belt with this.  It is pretty long.  IF I get brave.  I’m usually not extremely stylish.  That will take major bravery.
So that’s $270 full price, I paid $50!!! 
I think the sale will be going on at least through the weekend.  Perhaps you can go find yourself an awesome deal too. 
(I think they just put the full price on there to make you feel so good about paying what it is actually worth.)

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  • Carrie Catlin

    August 8, 2012 at 2:31 am Reply

    Look closely at that last picture, is that a foot print on my table? A tiny footprint? Yeah, that’s how clean my house is.

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