A letter to 15 year old me


Dear 15 year old Carrie,
     Moving is hard, I know.  This school is completely different than where you came from, but you are doing a good job getting to know people.  Keep in mind that you’ve only got this year and two more years of high school.  This isn’t your life, just a very small portion of it.   People say hurtful things, but they are just learning how to act too.  Every one is a kid just like you and kids don’t know how the words they say can affect another person.  They are learning how to treat others and they are learning who they are.  Be forgiving and ignore the things they yell out to you as they pass by your locker.  Really, just stop brushing your hair so much and you could save yourself a lot of grief. Also, you are going to meet your husband in about 4 years.  You won’t know it then, when you first meet, that he is going to be your husband.  But every other person you date after him will never measure up to they way he will treat you and respect you.  While we are on the subject of boys, stop trying so hard.  That boy you are obsessed with will eventually break your little teenaged heart.  You don’t know what love is just yet.  Spend some time growing up, enjoy your friends, talk to your mom.  God has plans for you but you must be patient.  Remember to bring glory to God in all that you do and stop focusing so much on how you are viewed by others.  Lastly, try a new food every now and then.  Seriously, it’s not going to kill you.

35 year old Carrie

to be continued…

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  • Anonymous

    September 22, 2012 at 2:25 am Reply

    I always think of things and situations like this from my teenage years too. If only we could have known then what we know now! And I somehow want to make sure my kids do too – but I’m certain I had people in my life telling me these things yet it just doesn’t click until it well… clicks.

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