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dinsmoresI read a facebook post last week that I can’t get off my mind.  You could search facebook for “Jim Shelley Dinsmore” they are missionaries to Guatemala.  They are amazing people, great parents and truly servants of Jesus.  I copied her facebook post below.

“We finally persuaded some parents in our church to take their son to our pediatrician. He has a bad abscess on his leg that is going to require surgery tomorrow. For the past 2 weeks he was given weeds to chew on to cure him. Dirt floors are so dangerous for children with all their booboos. The smallest cut can turn into something serious very quickly. I am very thankful for our concrete floors and wish everyone in the world could have that basic need met. Please pray for Ruben and his surgery tomorrow!” Shelley Dinsmore

I read this just before thanksgiving.  I read it before I went shopping on black Friday.  I thought about it before I ate and when I was helping to clean up the kitchen.  How many things in life do we take for granted?  What do we forget to be truly thankful for?  I hear so much about how people are thankful for their family, their homes and that they saved $50 on a TV.   That is good, we should be thankful for those things, but I think if we take just a minute we can realize those things are so much deeper than what we see at face value.

1) Family: I’m thankful for my family because I can watch my children grow without ever wondering if I’m going to have food to feed them or clothes to keep them warm.  I don’t have to look at my girls and wonder if someday they will be kidnapped and sold into slavery, or worse yet if I may have to sell them just to stay alive.  I am thankful for my family because I know they are a blessing, they are individuals who have worth and they are loved by God.  I am thankful that both of my parents are living, both of my husbands parents and his step-parents are all living.  I am thankful they have had the opportunity to know my children and visa versa.  I’m thankful for my husband because he is my rock, my balance and my best friend.
2)Home: I’m thankful for my home because I am safe here, my kids are safe here.  We will probably never suffer a stray bullet in a drive by shooting.  We have flooring, there are no holes in my walls that the wind blows through.  I have plumbing that works.  I am thankful for a washing machine and a dryer.  (I’ve lived with out those before and it is such a blessing to have them)  I’m thankful for a dishwasher (try living with out one and you will be thankful too) and stove.
3) I didn’t save $50 on a TV, cause I didn’t buy a TV.  But I am thankful for our income.  My husband has been self employed for over 11 years now.  Our income has been known to fluctuate, but my amazing man always takes care of us.  I’m thankful for all his hard work and I’m thankful for every penny.

My list could go on for days but if you’ve made it this far I think you get my point.  So next time you complain that your kids used all the hot water or that someone needs to unload the stupid dishwasher think for just a minute that you’ve been afforded more than most people in the world will ever know; you are so blessed to have running water, healthy kids and a working dishwasher.  Before you spend all your money this Christmas on stuff you won’t even remember in March, take a moment to give something to someone else.  Volunteer; buy an angel tree gift; pray; hold the door for someone; give up your parking space; work in the church nursery on Christmas Eve; just say thank you.

I wrote this just as much for myself as I did for anyone who may happen to read it.  Shelley: I too am thankful you have concrete floors.  Thank you so much for sharing and giving me a little perspective this Christmas season.

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