They will leave you as quickly as they came

I took my oldest to take an 8th grade ACT today.  She will be going to high school in the fall and this was a placement test of sorts.  I was thinking just now about her going to school all day in the fall.  I’m so used to her being at home with me.  She works independently now and is pretty diligent about getting her work done.  It’s not like I’m sitting at the table with her going over grammar rules or history questions any more, but still, she is going to be gone.  All day, every day.

I remember when I enrolled her for kindergarten.  I took her to take the test, met her teacher and all the things you do when you are putting your child in school for the first time.  The day came to take her, and I didn’t.  I ordered home school curriculum and we did school together.  She thrived.  When first grade rolled around (I’d already done pre-school, kindergarten and 1st grade with her at home, all a year early.)  We decided to enroll her and Emma in a private Christian school.  Emma was in pre-school and Madelyn was in the first grade.  That lasted until half way through the second grade and kindergarten respectively.  Then it was back to home school.  Years pass and every things seems as if it will be the way it has always been.  Except now, I feel like the mom preparing to take her child to kindergarten in the fall.  I’m going to be a mess.  She is going to leave me.  Here’s the real kicker. By the time she is a  sophomore,  we will be doing this again, looking for the perfect high school for our Emma.  Then we’ll be looking at colleges for Madelyn.  Then, you guessed it, Gloria will go to high school, Emma will be looking at colleges and Madelyn will leave for real.  She will be in college and it will continue…Emma will leave then Gloria.  At least I’ll have Audrey for a few years.  But by the time Gloria leaves for college, Audrey will start high school.

A good friend of mine, and homeschooling mom of  8, told me to think about how quickly they came to me.  She asked me to remember how it felt like for 9 years we had a baby in our house.  And it did.  It was a season of pregnancy, babies and nursing.  She said “Remember how quickly they came to you?  How you felt like you had baby after baby?”  She went on “That is how quickly they will leave you.  One will leave and no sooner do you get them taken care of and the next will be leaving.  They will leave you as quickly as they came.”

I believe that is the truth and I think this fall is going to be the beginning of that process.

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  • Ashley Branine

    January 28, 2013 at 1:09 pm Reply

    Just think about how prepared you have them though Carrie, for school and for life! They are wonderful girls and because of EXCEPTIONAL parenting and schooling they will excel in life and they will FOREVER want to share their lives with you! Think of the leave as temporary, each time they leave you they will return again because they will look forward to sharing their milestones with their parents regardless of age and regardless of where life takes them!

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