This is not a running blog

I’ve got one more thing to say about running then I’ll shut up about it, for a while anyway.

So,  I got back up to 4 miles last week at one time.  Ran a total of 10.84 for the week.  I plan to get back up to 15 a week starting this week.  Finding time to get out and do it seems to be an obstacle as always.  Perhaps if I didn’t stay up all night watching Downton Abby I could wake up early and run in the morning.  One must have their priorities though, of that I am quite sure.   Since we are on the subject of Downton Abby I must say, I LOVE Lady Mary.  She is so classy!  Luke says I love her because she is so committed to home, family and tradition.  I thought I loved her because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But, it might just be her 1920’s  fashion that I adore!


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