It’s a fault of mine I guess. Honesty. I’m too honest.

Is that possible?


I’m really interested in writing. I love it actually. I have a lot to say, I guess. If I write it, I can say it and if you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to. But I have to be honest. I just have to.

I’ve been doing some research today. I’ve spent my entire day reading mommy blogs and homeschool blogs. I’ve seen tips and how to’s, lists and schedules. I’ve seen “momfessions,” “momplaints,” and “momisms.”  And maybe we’re kidding ourselves.

Makeover my morning?

Teach my kids to love their chores?

12 tips to make my homeschool room cuter than yours?

Who are these people and why do they know everything?

Maybe they do know everything…maybe I’m just over here like “My kid’s can’t remember to load the dishwasher 30 seconds after I told them.” while the other mom’s little angels got on Pinterest to make the family meal (delicious and beautiful) and then taught their younger siblings the 13 times tables while crocheting with the elderly neighbor. We just aren’t that good.

I promise…I promise to be honest.

She’d dye her hair any electric neon color. However, she’ll have to settle for colors that naturally occur on a human head as long as she’s at CSW.

I have a great story about how my 12 year old can vomit on demand…If she says she’s going to, you better believe her. Or how my 14 year old is only motivated by wether or not I will let her dye her hair the color of your favorite LA Gear shoe laces you had in the 8th grade. (Those were great by the way…I miss them.) Or how my over achiever 17 year old might have a mental break down before she even makes it to college because she’s so over scheduled. How about that…how about we just be real. It’s a mess around here.

It’s a beautiful mess and it’s all mine. I have a husband that loves me and a Savior that has redeemed my soul so no matter what this world throws at us, were going to toss it in the junk drawer with whatever else is in there and move on.





I found this pic from a really cute site...she organizes it, but it was perfect for my post. http://imperfectlypolished.com/2012/06/26/mission-organization-junk-drawer-1/
I found this pic from a really cute site…she organizes it, but it was perfect for my post. I actually think I might organize my drawers now.

Our home doesn’t have to look like I live at Hobby Lobby, our food is mostly just some stuff I put in a pot, my kids do school every day and we work hard at it…therefore there will always be laundry in my living room. We are the real deal folks. And that’s what you’ll find here.

I’ve learned a few things along the way, and I might share that here on this little blog thing I do. But, I promise, it will be the truth.




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