Are homeschooled kids just “better?”

This was my choice, not theirs. No one ever said:

“Hey mom, why don’t you give up the next 15 plus years of your life (once it’s all said and done, and IF they all go to high school not at home) to teach us every day. Also, you’ll have to drive us all over town because we really like friends and activities. Oh and don’t forget it will be super hard to teach us math because we are going to throw fits and put up mental blocks basically refusing to learn…But other than that it will be great.”

Ok, not all of them have struggled with math. I just threw that in there to be dramatic. There is some truth in it though.

Half my kids are currently homeschooled. I have homeschooled them all at least through the 8th grade. They are awesome, but not because we homeschool.

They are awesome because we parent. We parent every day all the time. We parent when we’re tired, we parent when we’ve had enough. We parent when it seems to not be working. We are absolutely 100% sold out to our kids.

They are awesome because we put our marriage first. We love our kids enough to demonstrate love in big and little ways in front of them. They see me get frustrated when I have to repeat the day’s schedule to Luke for the 3rd time on Saturday. They see Luke get frustrated when I’ve spent too much money…again. But then, they see us kissing in the kitchen. They see us get dressed up and go out. They see us sneak away in the evening to have a late dinner alone after the littlest has gone to bed. We tell them to go to their rooms so we can watch a movie alone. They know we go to bed together at the same time every night because we schedule our lives around each other.

They are awesome because we listen. And man, girls can talk. They tell us these really long stories. They tell long stories about who said what and how hilarious it was. Then sprinkled in we find out someone hurt their feelings, or what boy they like. We find opportunities to talk about how they could have handled a situation differently or praise them for something they handled well. But most the time, we just find out who they are. We learn about music they like, a show they watched or something they saw online. All those things kids need help navigating. We listen, and they are heard. (Girls, if you read this you’re probably thinking “But you tell us to be quite all the time” That’s when all 4 of you are talking at the same time….so don’t do that…that’s crazy.)

Our kids are awesome because we make mistakes. They know when we’ve had a huge failure. They’ve seen us apologize to each other. We apologize to them. They know that if at some point they don’t reach the mark of excellence to get up, dust off the seat of their pants, help whoever they took down with them and say they’re sorry. They know how to walk away from hurtful relationships with out causing scars. They know, and are learning, how to love with boundaries that every young woman should set. They know that no one is perfect but by the grace of God they know forgiveness and when to ask to be forgiven.

Point being, I know awesome kids who have different schooling than our girls…that’s because they have awesome parents. Homeschooling definitely provides opportunities to be together more, to be available to them when they need you. But, that isn’t the ONLY way. No matter where your kids are schooled, at home, public or private I know that it is the parenting situation, not schooling alone, that creates quality character in children.

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