30 Days Project: Where did the time go?

I had a grand plan of writing every few days.  Wow…time fles.

In some regards I feel like I failed. I didn’t “make someone’s day” every single day. BUT…when I was tired, when I had just “had it” with shopping and errands, I smiled any way. I made friendly chit chat with the person ringing me up. I wished people a Merry Christmas. I was happy when I didn’t feel like being happy. I was joyful when I felt tired and worn out. So, even though I didn’t do something major everyday I DID compliment well behaved children, I smiled and waited kindly for the advanced aged shopper walking at a snails pace in front of me while others sped around them. I was kind.  That has to count for something right? And I of course bought coffee for people when ever I got the chance. I filled up my free drink sticker card from Starbucks and gave it to the lady behind me in line one night. She had no idea what it was or that it was valuable to me. She just sort of took it and asked when it expired. I was like “THAT’S LIKE 5 BUCKS LADY…BE HAPPY.” But all I actually said was “Merry Christmas.” See…I’m so nice. 🙂

We did get the opportunity to purchase items for Operation Christmas Child. Gloria went to a box packing party.AFE51B83-FD50-4F28-A07C-16BEC77F7694


I also gave some money to a homeless man with out him knowing who did it. That was pretty cute actually. Audrey and I were getting some work done at a coffee shop down town. It’s a pretty cool place here in Wichita called Mead’s Corner. They give money to missions and open their doors to the homeless. It’s a very hip casual environment and I really like hanging out there. We were just doing our thing when a homeless man sat at the table behind us.  He was charging a very old phone and eating vending machine food. He got up and left all his stuff there. Which I thought was unusual for a homeless person. I had $5 in my purse all in ones. It’s rare for me to have cash. While he was gone I gave the money to Audrey and told her to put it with his stuff. She did…but then I started to think. What if he doesn’t want my five dollars. What if he saw us. What if he is offended. What if…I told Audrey that I was feeling uncomfortable because I wanted it to be a secret who gave him the money (She was totally down with that. She wanted it to be a secret too.) So, we started to pack up our stuff. But little Miss Audrey caught a glimpse of him when he came back. She could see him in the mirror behind me. She said he picked up the cash, looked around the room and stuck it in his pocket. That made me smile.

Then there was the day that we sang at the adult care homes. Well, I’ll be honest. The kids did all the singing. I just kind off stood off the the side and hummed or sang quietly. My kids did not get their vocal talent from me. Luke’s aunt owns Meadowlark Adult Care Homes in West Wichita. They are small homes on regular streets in regular neighborhoods. Residents get their own room or share with one other person and have a kitchen and living room. It has become a Christmas tradition of ours to carol at the 5 homes before Christmas. Some dear friends of ours have joined us the last several years. We love to see some of our favorite residence year after year and meet new friends as well. They are precious. What is even sweeter is to see my darling girls holding the hands of a 90 year old woman or getting kissed on the cheek by an elderly man in a wheel chair who loved to hear them sing. They just shine. It has become one of my very favorite Christmas traditions.


The month didn’t end up looking like I thought it would, and I still have a couple of days left. I will continue to be kind, I will continue to smile. As suspected, I think I gained more from the experience than any one I came in contact with. And, I will continue to buy coffee for strangers…it just might be Kwik Shop coffee. I almost went broke with all those Starbucks trips.


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