My girl, Glo

I have 4 amazing daughters. They are all talented and funny and beautiful.

I have this one kid though…that well…she’s a bit of a ham. What people don’t know about her is that though she puts on the facade of being an air head, she’s actually really smart. She’s a thinker and super intuitive. She’s also very emotional. Every thing she feels, she feels very strongly. So, she’s not kidding when she laughs really hard. If it was a little funny to every one else, it truly was a lot funny to her. If she cries, what would have caused a little pain to someone else, causes a lot of pain (be it physical or emotional) to her. She doesn’t sleep well because her brain has no off switch. She’s anxious but she’s tough. Just yesterday she entered a basketball court at the Y, full of boys. Scratch that. It was full of boys and grown men shooting baskets. That didn’t stop her. She dribbled right in there and was sinking 3’s and lay ups like no one else mattered. (Yes Coach Pam, that kid has been making 3’s all summer.) She is confident but cautions, she’s energetic and compassionate. She’s a great kid and I’m glad I get to be her mom.

She also has a YouTube channel. Which I’m glad for, because she has so many words. (So. Many. Words.)

Meet Gloria, also known as “Glo.”

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