Declutter Project: Kitchen Desk

I’m getting started with my decluttering project. I’m still not committed to calling it minimalism just yet as really all I’ve done is the cleaning out of one space.

I have made a decision though and I think that is a start.

I’m part of a FB group called Uncluttered. I’ve just started the course with Luke. You can learn more about it here. The first step in the process for that course is to list the reason that you want to start this journey to less.  I thought the best place for me to share my “why” would be right here. I fully expect my why to change through out this process. For starters I’m doing this for Luke. He has supported me in every single thing I’ve ever wanted to do and the very least I can do is get on board with something that will benefit us both. Secondly, I hope to regain some sanity. Our lives are a little out of control. We run here and there and do this and that and there is no time for anything else. Fortunately all the running around is for really great stuff and I know this is only a season, but if having less junk around me could simplify that process and allow me to feel less stress and enjoy the journey then by all means lets clear it all out. Third, I want to be sure my children value relationship and experience over material possessions. Recently, I really wanted to get all the wood work in my house painted white. We have 1990’s honey oak. But then I realized the cost of that matched the cost to send a kid to private school for a year. My kids aren’t going to look back and say “Wow Mom, I’m so glad we had white wood work. All those kids with oak were really missing out.” They are going to look back and be so thankful for the opportunities that we were able to provide and thankful for the experiences, friendship and education at the school we’ve been so blessed to be able to send at least some of them to thus far. If I have to make choices, I will choose my kids over my woodwork any day. If there is an update to my “why,” I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Here is a really ridiculous video of me cleaning out my kitchen desk. Grab some popcorn, this is pure entertainment.

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