Declutter project: My dresser

Declutter project: My dresser

Luke and I share this dresser. So we don’t have a ton of excess in this department to begin with. 

I have the top two small drawers, then the next two big drawers. Luke uses the bottom two. Pretty much all I wear are T-shirts and over time that can really pile up. Also, I’ve lost a bit of weight in the last couple of years but have been nervous to clear out all of the XLs. You know, just in case.

My drawers had gotten to where I could barely open them. This is baring it all folks. This is the ugly truth. I’m super messy, but just behind doors. If I can shove in a drawer, stuff it in a closet, or stick it on a shelf, I do. My house will look nice and tidy, but the truth is hiding just a drawer pull away.

I started making piles: a donate pile, workout clothes pile, comfy pants pile, etc.

The donate pile is the largest one in the back left of the picture.  Since these items are from my dresser, and contain some unmentionables, I decided I would just donate them instead of sitting them on a table at a garage sale for the whole world to come look at with me sitting right there.  The donate pile filled one regular size trash bag.

Now my drawers are nice and tidy.

I parted with some workout shorts that weren’t really all that comfortable. Hopefully I don’t miss them. I found some workout pants that I’ve been missing for months. I think each time I clean out a space the most important thing is to make a plan on keeping it from becoming cluttered again. My plan for this space is to make sure that any unwanted clothes go straight in a donation pile and don’t get put back away in my drawers.

I am never going to get my whole house decluttered if I only do one small space a week. I have to step up my game!

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