My hair was super cute in this picture. So, even though I don’t have bangs any more and am 3 years older…I’m keeping this one.

I met my husband in Colorado Springs in 1995. Our story is a long one and more appropriate for it’s own post, I’ll just say that he pretty much HAD to agree to go out with me based on the fact that the person asking was my dad, who was also the point person for the job transfer he was hoping to get. Now, Luke and I are raising 4 girls in Kansas. I know, you immediately think we also raise pigs or cows and that I sew my own clothes and make bread by grinding my own wheat. We couldn’t be farther from that. We live in a mid-sized city, I can hear the highway from my house. There are several small airports around us and personal planes and business jets can be heard taking off and landing at almost any hour. We aren’t too far from an Air Force Base and major airport so that lends to the noise pollution as well.  However, we spent one night in a town house in San Fransisco about 3 years ago and compared to that, this is serene. Our city is a lovely family city, there might not be much to look at but the people here are amazing. We live life together, a true community. Our city loves the arts and basketball, values also reflected in my own family’s schedule.

Our four lovely daughters range in age from 8-17, but by the time you read this they could be older. They seem to keep getting older every day. No matter how much I stare at them in awe of the young women they are becoming, no matter my efforts to savor the moment, I have failed at stopping time. They just keep growing up and we have impending departures. It is hard to imagine them leaving us. I don’t know what the future holds. I can’t imagine my day to day life with out running children to and fro, attending functions, basketball games, productions and performances. They are the center of my life during this season and the end of this season is coming. I currently homeschool my youngest three and my oldest is in high school at a classical Christian school. Even she homeschooled until she finished the 8th grade.  I’ve home schooled for 13 years and it has become part of my identity.

I can’t tell you about myself and not mention my Savior. I’m not one of those crazy Christians that is going to condemn everything you do, so you’re safe here. I believe Christ died blameless on a Roman cross 2000+ years ago and bridged the gap between my sinful soul and the love of a forgiving God. I believe He loves us immensely and that we have a hope for the future. There are so many questions that I don’t have answers for, so many topics that you would probably disagree with me on if you are a Christian or not. I’m sort of in the middle of the road with social issues which separates me from both believers and non-believers. It makes it difficult to be authentic, and only a handful of people know who I really am. If you think you might not like me if I don’t agree with you, then just don’t ask. I’m such a people pleaser I can hardly stand not being liked. So, there’s a good chance you don’t actually know where I stand.

Here you will find reality. I don’t do Pinterest perfect, Instagram worthy Facebook fodder. I’m just me, doing my thing. Thinking about stuff and loving my family.