Declutter project: My dresser

Luke and I share this dresser. So we don’t have a ton of excess in this department to begin with. 

I have the top two small drawers, then the next two big drawers. Luke uses the bottom two. Pretty much all I wear are T-shirts and over time that can really pile up. Also, I’ve lost a bit of weight in the last couple of years but have been nervous to clear out all of the XLs. You know, just in case.

My drawers had gotten to where I could barely open them. This is baring it all folks. This is the ugly truth. I’m super messy, but just behind doors. If I can shove in a drawer, stuff it in a closet, or stick it on a shelf, I do. My house will look nice and tidy, but the truth is hiding just a drawer pull away.

I started making piles: a donate pile, workout clothes pile, comfy pants pile, etc.

The donate pile is the largest one in the back left of the picture.  Since these items are from my dresser, and contain some unmentionables, I decided I would just donate them instead of sitting them on a table at a garage sale for the whole world to come look at with me sitting right there.  The donate pile filled one regular size trash bag.

Now my drawers are nice and tidy.

I parted with some workout shorts that weren’t really all that comfortable. Hopefully I don’t miss them. I found some workout pants that I’ve been missing for months. I think each time I clean out a space the most important thing is to make a plan on keeping it from becoming cluttered again. My plan for this space is to make sure that any unwanted clothes go straight in a donation pile and don’t get put back away in my drawers.

I am never going to get my whole house decluttered if I only do one small space a week. I have to step up my game!

Declutter Project: Kitchen Desk

I’m getting started with my decluttering project. I’m still not committed to calling it minimalism just yet as really all I’ve done is the cleaning out of one space.

I have made a decision though and I think that is a start.

I’m part of a FB group called Uncluttered. I’ve just started the course with Luke. You can learn more about it here. The first step in the process for that course is to list the reason that you want to start this journey to less.  I thought the best place for me to share my “why” would be right here. I fully expect my why to change through out this process. For starters I’m doing this for Luke. He has supported me in every single thing I’ve ever wanted to do and the very least I can do is get on board with something that will benefit us both. Secondly, I hope to regain some sanity. Our lives are a little out of control. We run here and there and do this and that and there is no time for anything else. Fortunately all the running around is for really great stuff and I know this is only a season, but if having less junk around me could simplify that process and allow me to feel less stress and enjoy the journey then by all means lets clear it all out. Third, I want to be sure my children value relationship and experience over material possessions. Recently, I really wanted to get all the wood work in my house painted white. We have 1990’s honey oak. But then I realized the cost of that matched the cost to send a kid to private school for a year. My kids aren’t going to look back and say “Wow Mom, I’m so glad we had white wood work. All those kids with oak were really missing out.” They are going to look back and be so thankful for the opportunities that we were able to provide and thankful for the experiences, friendship and education at the school we’ve been so blessed to be able to send at least some of them to thus far. If I have to make choices, I will choose my kids over my woodwork any day. If there is an update to my “why,” I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Here is a really ridiculous video of me cleaning out my kitchen desk. Grab some popcorn, this is pure entertainment.

Assessing the situation: Declutter life change: Step one

Two posts in one day! Not sure this will get posted today but even starting to write a second post in the same day is some kind of record I’m sure.

So, with beginning this whole process I wanted to take a moment and kind of assess the situation. I’m working on two lists.

The first is a list of things I love.

  • Jesus
  • My kids
  • Luke
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Making things
  • My friends
  • Hiking/Camping
  • My dogs

The second is a list of thing I do.

  • I drive…I drive a lot. I take kids to and from and pick them up and drop the off and I wait.  I spend a lot of time in my car. (Ok, let’s be honest it’s a minivan.)
  • Basketball team mom stuff (this also involves driving)
  • CYT mom stuff
  • Flight mom stuff
  • Homeschool
  • Make food
  • Wash/Fold/Put away massive amounts of laundry
  • Grocery shop
  • Shop for anything any one else needs
  • Write occasionally
  • Run (when I’m registered for a race)
  • Watch TV
  • Read occasionally
  • Look at FB/Insta/Pinterest on my phone
  • Special Occasion Stuff (party plan/make cakes/buy gifts/ ect.)
  • Look for things people can’t find
  • Work
  • Take the dogs out
  • house hold chores

Obviously some of those things can’t be changed, some of them can. It’s a working list. A lot of what I do revolves around my family but I have very little time to do the things I really want to do. But, who really wants to do dishes or look for lost things. It’s just stuff you have to do when you have a family. Is having less junk really going to do anything to bring us calmness?



New Project: 2017

I’m going to try something new. I’ll be linking some videos in my blog and let you walk through this process with me. (Gloria informed me that I videoed this wrong. I’ll do better next time Glo.)

This is going to hurt. (emotionally, not physically)

My kids are a construction zone

I’m sitting in a Starbucks waiting on Glo while she is at basketball practice and I’ve found myself with a few minutes to reflect. It’s a little too air conditioned in here and it looks like the weather might finally be turning to fall.  I spent the better part of yesterday in tears and today I had the worst headache of my life. It was so bad when I woke this morning I realized that I had been dreaming I was having a brain transplant, which I’m pretty sure isn’t even a thing.

I’m struggling today to get my thoughts into words. I’ve written and deleted this post 3 times already and it’s because each time I write I learn a little more about the issue. Writing is my therapy and sometimes, as I posted once long ago, since I have older kids, what is my business is actually their business and not really my business to share. So, as I hash and rehash the issues of the day, of the week, what I’m learning is actually about forgiveness.

I can’t share the issue but I can tell you what is beautiful.

Forgiveness is beautiful.

To be forgiven is our ultimate gift. To be eternally forgiven is amazing and I’m so thankful and honored to be forgiven. But, though that is beautiful and very much perfect, it can’t be the end. We must be forgivers.

To be a forgiver is to move on in big things and in little things, which are sometimes harder. When a little thing hurts (and in this situation there is a pile of little things that reminds me of my laundry…one load on the dinning room table isn’t so bad but by the time there is a week’s worth of laundry to be folded it is almost too much to handle.) you have to move on knowing that the same little thing might happen again. As a parent, you instruct. Sometimes, if you’re imperfect like me, you don’t always instruct constructively and then you need to be forgiven too. Then it starts to be a mess and that’s when we look to Jesus. He’s the ultimate forgiver. We get it all back together and promise next time we will be better. We promise to start with Jesus and then it is beautiful again.

I started the post I deleted saying that when I normally call our lives a beautiful mess, I should just tell you it’s actually a mess. But, as I worked through the words, typing and retyping the “truth,” I understood that our family isn’t a reflection of all of my negative character traits, which is what I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you that we’ve got to get it together; then, I was reminded that we’re still in progress. We aren’t complete and we never will be. These people that I’ve dedicated my life’s work to are still working it out. They’re a construction zone. Sometimes when you look at a building or a road that is being built all you can see is a disaster but the architect knows what the end result will be and The Architect knows it will be beautiful.


Thank you, election season, for stealing my children’s innocence


Dear Whoever Hung the Republican Party Propaganda on My Door so that I Know for Whom to Vote,

First I don’t want you to be mistaken, I am 100% pro-life and will vote pro-life when it is possible, so I get you. I know you wanted me to know the pro-life candidates. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with my 8 year old about how sometimes women, who she would call “mommies,” decide to kill their unborn children. I haven’t protected her from this information for 8 years for a reason, so I am so glad that you hung those pamphlets on my door complete with images (WITH IMAGES) so that she could be educated without my consent. We live in a neighborhood where all the parents watch the kids. They run in and out of all the approved houses and when she let her self back into her own, she brought me the baggie that had been hanging on the door, not with out giving it a quick read first of course. So, now my precious little person that had no need of this information gets to know of some of the evil in the world that I was guarding her against. There is a time to learn these things, and for her the time was not now. I’m not a parent that teaches my children all the gruesome things that happen in the world while they are yet babies themselves. I let her enjoy some innocence. I let her enjoy living without the burden of the sins of others. It’s the only opportunity she’ll ever have. So thank you very much for going ahead and thrusting her a little closer to the adulthood she’ll eventually live out anyway. You’re a doll.

Dear Republican Nominee For President (The 1990’s version of me can’t believe I’m saying this) Donald Trump,

Thank you for saying the things you did on that bus and then running for President of the United States of America. Thank you for embarrassing us all on an International Stage. Thank you for your vulgarity against women. I have a daughter who is potentially being drawn towards women’s ministry. She’s got a passion for freeing girls world wide from religious oppression, from sexual discrimination, and sex crimes. She wants women to have the same rights in THIS country and wants to help women and girls around the world experience those same freedoms. She’s passionate Mr. Trump, so thank you. Thank you for helping her to feel scared and unsafe. Is this what boys are saying in the locker room? Is this how all men talk about women? I’m so excited to have to answer these questions in 2016! See my post on rape culture, I think it would be of some benefit to you as you navigate the ins and outs of how to talk to and treat women. How silly I was to think this was something they could protect themselves against. You’ve now taught my teenage daughters that men are to be feared. Way to go. Kudos to you! You know that undecided voter thing? I’m so a statistic, always have been. I fall in the mean, median and mode…always, every time. Well…I was undecided but I’m not any more. Thank you so much for helping me to make my decision Mr. Trump. You are absolutely disgusting and I don’t believe for one minute you will act as a puppet for the Republican party by picking the Supreme Court Judges they hand you to choose from. I don’t believe a single word you say and most of the people I know don’t either. They’re counting on you to appoint some judges. I’m not sure why they believe you’ll do the right thing in that regard when you’ve not done the right thing on any other occasion. I don’t even trust the Republican party thanks to you, sir. So thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve really been a great example for our children. You are the embodiment of everything wrong with America, and you know what…I’ve been pretty happy and successful the last 8 years. So, 4 more of the same isn’t looking too bad.



I miscarried 10 years ago

I realized today that Monday, September 19, was the 10 year anniversary of my first miscarriage in 2006.

When I noticed the date, and I remembered, it came over me like an unexpected flood. The tears poured out and I felt the same sadness as if 10 years hadn’t passed.

There is nothing you can do, nothing you can ever do. Yes, a new baby heals the pain. A perfectly amazing 8 year old that loves me with every ounce of her body is the healing that I needed. But, for just a moment I remembered the sadness, I remembered the loss.

Unrelated, I decided yesterday to start journaling my prayers for my children. I journaled this today even before I realized how close the date was.

This is my prayer for Audrey.

“Lord, I praise your name above all things. You alone are our provider. You have entrusted me with beautiful healthy children and I am so thankful for that blessing. Lord, help me to savor every precious fleeting moment with them. You are so good, God.

I want to whole heartedly give Audrey to you, Lord. I want to ask you to fully protect her, guide her and comfort her. Draw her ever nearer to the safety of your love. Help me to know her needs, Lord, so that I may lift her up to you continually in prayer. Give me wisdom that I might be able to parent her according to your will alone and not my own.

Thank you for giving Audrey to me and her daddy. She was the remedy for a broken heart, she is beauty from ashes and life where there was death. Never let me forget the beautiful work you’ve already done in her life and continue to use her as a vessel to do your good work. Keep her always from evil and cling to her with your great love. All these things I ask in the name of Jesus.”


God answered that prayer already today, that I would always remember the beautiful work he’d already done in her. When I remembered my sadness I was reminded of how good God was in giving me another precious person to mother. He knew how kind she would be and how she would love so deeply. He knew that she was just the right baby at just the right time.

Not every mother is given that chance. Not every woman that miscarries is ever given the chance to give birth and I can’t imagine the pain she might feel. For the pain of loosing what could have been is far greater than the pain of birth. I thank God every day that I had that opportunity 4 times, though 2 were lost. I am so sorry if you are reading this and still haven’t had a baby. The hope I can offer is that Jesus, the very real Son of God, knows your name. He knows your pain. He personally experienced the death of someone he loved very deeply. The Bible tells us that He wept. However, since He was God himself He had the power to call His loved one back from the dead. He has the power to call our lives from the dead, from the ruins. If the loss you’ve experience is to have any meaning at all perhaps it can be to bring you to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

They say time heals, and I think time just helps us to get used to loss.  I think that though I might have forgotten the date and I let it slip my mind. I can clearly see by the prayer I wrote this morning that even before my mind remembered, my soul had never forgot.



Our family vacation to Seattle

We’ve been getting lots of questions about our family vacation. Though I posted tons of pictures on social media I thought it might be fun to go through some of our favorite days with a little more insight.

First off, a good friend of mine said something like this. “Your family looked so sweet in your pictures, you just looked like you were having the best time.” Hahahaha. Though we did have a great time, I told her not to be confused. I didn’t feel like my family was being sweet most of the time and I totally should have captioned each picture with what the girls were fighting about the moment the picture was taken. I also refused to be in some of the pictures because I was so upset at certain behaviors that I was afraid taking a picture would cause me to remember forever what I was upset about at that time.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, I can’t even remember what they were arguing about most of the time. Only one argument stands out in my mind and isn’ t it one that every family has all the time? No one was ever happy about where they were sitting in the rental car. In reality we have that issue all the time. My expectations for this trip were a little too high. I guess I imagined my girls would get along 100% of the time and that we would have this dreamy magical time. That wasn’t the case. So don’t be disillusioned by our amazing pictures. My kids are still teenaged girls, and one sassy 8 year old, and I am still a way oversensitive mom.

getting ready to board...
getting ready to board…
Flight to Las Vegas from Wichita
Flight to Las Vegas from Wichita
Wichita to Las Vegas, Glo sat by dad.
Wichita to Las Vegas, Glo sat by dad.







Wichita to Las Vegas, Audrey got the window seat by me.
Wichita to Las Vegas, Audrey got the window seat by me.












Our first day in Seattle we did a little too much. We visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Space Needle, the park in Seattle Center and the EMP Museum. I think I was the one cranky and tired. (If you’re wondering already how we did so much, I purchased Seattle City Passes prior to arriving. It was a great purchase and made our trip about 50% less expensive!)

Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Space Needle from Chihuly
Space Needle from Chihuly










I don't know what a Totem Poll is but I think I should learn. Seattle Center.
I don’t know what a Totem Poll is but I think I should learn. Seattle Center.
Park at Seattle Center
Park at Seattle Center


View from atop the Space Needle

Nirvana exhibit at the EMP Museum.
Nirvana exhibit at the EMP Museum.
Wearable art exhibit at the EMP Museum.
Wearable art exhibit at the EMP Museum.


Our second day we started out at Top Pot Donuts. If you visit Seattle this is a must. They’re the most delicious donuts ever! On our way to Top Pot we passed the new Amazon Headquarters being built. We got to see them assembling the dome shaped glass walls.



Future Amazon executive offices.
Future Amazon executive offices.









Then we headed to Pike Place Market, another Seattle must. It was so busy that day, as I am sure it is most days. The fresh fruit at the market is the best I’ve ever had. Audrey ate her first peach, probably her first ever solid food, at the Pike Place Market in May of 2008. I let her taste the juice from a peach I was eating as she rode around the market in my baby sling. This time she got to hold her own peach which was huge! The sights, sounds and smells of the market are a uniquely Seattle experience.

The girls enjoyed a variety of street performers. This man had a trained bird. I’ve never seen a bird sit upside down.
Look close and you’ll see “Rachel” the Pike Place Market Pig.

IMG_3134 IMG_3156













We rented a house we found on VRBO located in Redmond, Washington. I didn’t take enough pictures of the house but it was really nice. It is actually less expensive for us to rent a house than it is to try to stay in a hotel. It was really nice because all the girls got their own room and we had plenty of bathrooms. I was able to cook a few meals and we could relax in the evenings. The best part for Audrey was the play grounds, play houses, and sport court, which Gloria of course enjoyed too! We also got a chance to visit with Luke’s cousin, Shay. He has recently moved to Seattle for a new job and we’d actually “lived” there about the same time as him the day we saw each other.

IMG_3170 IMG_3173 IMG_3179 IMG_3185













Next up on the agenda was a visit to Seattle Pacific University for Madelyn and Luke. (I’ve yet to go on a college visit because they generally like people to not cry at those things. I would be such an embarrassment.) Audrey, Emma, Gloria and I had lunch at the American Girl bistro and we strolled around the mall in Lynwood for a while before heading back into Seattle for dinner with Shay at Duke’s Chowder House. They feature chowder, obviously, as well as other Pacific Northwest cuisine. It was fabulous!

IMG_3201 IMG_3226 IMG_3224 IMG_3221 IMG_3225








She really liked SPU!
She really liked SPU!








Taken out side of Duke's while we waited for our table. I love this pic!
Taken out side of Duke’s while we waited for our table. I love this pic!
Waiting for dinner, the girls took some really great pictures of each other.
Waiting for dinner, the girls took some really great pictures of each other.










Fun Fact: I love Sea Otters. Did you know that they hold hands when they sleep so they won’t drift apart? They are so playful and adorable. The Seattle Aquarium was our first stop the next day in Seattle. Have you noticed this city has great attractions for the whole family? We all had such a great time. After the Seattle Aquarium we headed down to the Seattle Central Library. We are library lovers and truly loved touring this building. It is certainly unique yet houses some beautiful Seattle history. Libraries are a great way to get to know a city, and best of all they’re free!

Baby Ella goes with us everywhere. I think she enjoyed the aquarium also.
Baby Ella goes with us everywhere. I think she enjoyed the aquarium also.

IMG_3323 IMG_3329 IMG_3336

Gloria loves Puffins as much as I love Sea Otters.

Gloria loves Puffins as much as I love Sea Otters. We’re both a little ridiculous.

IMG_3384 IMG_3372 IMG_3370

The Seattle Aquarium has tide pools where visitors are encouraged to touch the animals, with only one finger though.
The Seattle Aquarium has tide pools where visitors are encouraged to touch the animals, with only one finger though.

IMG_3317 IMG_3324

















We're going to have to ride the Seattle Great Wheel on our next visit. It is a great addition to the harbor coast.
We’re going to have to ride the Seattle Great Wheel on our next visit. It is a great addition to the harbor coast.










Seattle Central Library
Seattle Central Library
Viewing deck inside the library
Viewing deck inside the library










After a very long day Luke surprised us with tickets to see the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field! He had a work connection that got us great seats and they even provided refreshments. They totally got us the hook up! We took a quick stop at Gas Works Park to kill some extra time then headed down to the game.


Lake Union view from Gas Works Park
Lake Union view from Gas Works Park
Safeco Field
Safeco Field
Baseball game selfies!
Baseball game selfies!




IMG_3451 IMG_3447







We were thoroughly exhausted. We hit Chace’s Pancake Corral in Bellevue, WA, Thursday morning before heading back into Seattle for our Argosy boat tour. I loved the tour. I learned so much about the city and I got my first ever peek at the “Shy Giant,” Mt. Rainier. Later that afternoon we found Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. Here you can see amazing views of downtown Seattle. Thankfully, we were also able to still see Mt. Rainier.


These were hanging above us as we waited in line for the Argosy harbor tour. Hanging baskets are all over the city adding to the colorful lively feel that is Seattle.
These were hanging above us as we waited in line for the Argosy harbor tour. Hanging baskets are all over the city adding to the colorful lively feel that is Seattle.


Look carefully, those aren't clouds right in the middle of this shot, that is the snow capped peak of Mt. Rainier.
Look carefully, those aren’t clouds right in the middle of this shot, that is the snow capped peak of Mt. Rainier.










Beautiful view from Kerry Park, also known as Postcard Park because of the view.
Beautiful view from Kerry Park, also known as Postcard Park because of the view.









Our time in Seattle had come to an end. Our vacation was totally centered around a wedding and the time had come. We packed up everything out of our amazing Redmond house and loaded the SUV to head to Spokane, WA. About two or two and a half years ago Luke and I introduced a good friend of his who lived in Washington to our niece, who at the time lived in Kansas. Well, the rest, as they say is history. We were so excited to get to attend their wedding with our whole family. Katie was stunning  and I know their life together is going to be perfect!

In the truck, headed to Spokane.
In the truck, headed to Spokane.
Is it possible? Are they actually getting along?
Is it possible? Are they actually getting along?
Walking back from the rehearsal dinner.
Walking back from the rehearsal dinner.


After a great time with family and a beautiful wedding, our time in Washington had come to an end.








Danny and Katie
Danny and Katie











Looking back, it was very beautiful, and actually I wouldn’t trade any of the time we spent together for a perfect non-dramatic time. If I had that, it wouldn’t have been my family. A good friend of mine says that is why we take those beautiful pictures. It is because we look back and remember only the good. It was all, very good.

My first time to be a “senior” mom.

It’s happening. I titled this year “The Beginning of the End.” It is the beginning of the end of the family years. Those times when our house is filled with children is coming to a long drawn out end. There are nine years separating my oldest and my youngest so I get to be sappy and nostalgic about their childhoods for a long time still.  My dear friend and homeschool mentor, Karen, told me that they would leave me as quickly as they came to me. I remember being pregnant forever when I was first married. I spent most of my early 20’s pregnant and nursing. Now I’ll spend my 40’s saying goodbye little butterflies…insert sappy tears. If Karen is right, Karen is always right, these next 9 years are going to blow past at warp speed.

I’m going to write several posts, not unlike baby book entries of firsts. (Much like baby books, I’m sure this is going to be much more elaborate for Madelyn than for Audrey) Except these are for lasts…perhaps there will be some firsts. There will be the first time she makes a decision on which college to go to. The first time she loads her car up. The first time she is gone for one of her sister’s birthdays. (uggg real tears now.)

So…my first, last.

This was our last time to school shop. We shopped for pens and notebook paper. She’s super picky about her binders. We bought erasers and shoes and socks…next year we’ll buy these things but we’ll also buy sheets and laundry detergent, a mini fridge and a meal plan.

Have an awesome senior year, my love. You are a joy.

Could she even be cuter?
Could she even be cuter?

My girl, Glo

I have 4 amazing daughters. They are all talented and funny and beautiful.

I have this one kid though…that well…she’s a bit of a ham. What people don’t know about her is that though she puts on the facade of being an air head, she’s actually really smart. She’s a thinker and super intuitive. She’s also very emotional. Every thing she feels, she feels very strongly. So, she’s not kidding when she laughs really hard. If it was a little funny to every one else, it truly was a lot funny to her. If she cries, what would have caused a little pain to someone else, causes a lot of pain (be it physical or emotional) to her. She doesn’t sleep well because her brain has no off switch. She’s anxious but she’s tough. Just yesterday she entered a basketball court at the Y, full of boys. Scratch that. It was full of boys and grown men shooting baskets. That didn’t stop her. She dribbled right in there and was sinking 3’s and lay ups like no one else mattered. (Yes Coach Pam, that kid has been making 3’s all summer.) She is confident but cautions, she’s energetic and compassionate. She’s a great kid and I’m glad I get to be her mom.

She also has a YouTube channel. Which I’m glad for, because she has so many words. (So. Many. Words.)

Meet Gloria, also known as “Glo.”

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