That’s my guy!

Just before we went on vacation, my dishwasher wouldn’t stop.  It just ran and ran and ran.  We knew that we needed to save our cash for vacation so we just decided to wait till we got home.  Well, vacation is expensive.  So when we got home we decided to wait a few weeks before

Just bragging a little

I love a good sale, but honestly I’m not really a great shopper.  I don’t comb the racks at Kohl’s and get things for $2.99 as often as I should.  But, I don’t ever pay full price and I always ask for an additional discount.  I’m an Eddie Bauer “Gold” rewards member.  I know you

1st day

Today was our first day of school.  It was a half day at best.  I remember now why I love teaching preschool.  Audrey was so pumped about every thing we were doing.  She approached every thing with such excitement.  Another thing I love about preschool, other than the child’s zest for learning, is that I

Sex or Vampires

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be about who’s hotter, Edward or that other guy.  I just thought that title would draw you in.  Mwaaaahahaha.  Actually this post is about that, or more so not about that.  See, the problem is that my 13 year old is an avid reader.  She reads ALL the time. 


I’ve lived most of my married/adult life without a consistent group of girl friends.  About a year ago a very dear friend invited me to join her Bible study.  The group is pretty private, very close and extremely funny.  When we are together we are either crying, or laughing and usually a combination of the